Thursday, September 4, 2008

Settling in

This is the fourth day since the arrival of the students, and it’s difficult even to express how busy we’ve been, from time spent orienting and discovering the city to more time spent taking care of the necessary arrangements of life. Moving everywhere with ten other people has been a rather new experience for me. We are certainly noticed when we walk into a café, and the waiters begin immediately to move several tables so that we can sit together! These photos are of the first day of getting to know Lyon and an afternoon café stop.

Our residence building is just opening up---and I do mean just! The paint on the doors was still sticky when we arrived, and there are plumbers, electricians, and builders everywhere finishing things up and solving problems, i.e., getting the hot water going in all the showers and all the electrical outlets working. Happily, today each student received a huge box with all the kitchen necessities—new pots, pans, flatware, dishes, etc. It’s really quite complete and very welcome because everyone has been “camping” in the rooms and trying to figure out how to eat yogurt and peanut butter without a spoon.

The rooms are attractive and completely new, each with a bathroom and a little kitchen with a fridge, microwave, stovetop, sink, and cupboards, and a table with two chairs. There is also a desk with shelves and a couch/bed. I think that as things get more and more settled, everyone will feel quite comfortable and at home. Our internet has been promised for the 15th, and we’re crossing our fingers… (Yesterday most of the students took their computers to the free wifi spot at my cafe in Place Bellecour, but I think that so many people trying all at once to get on line overwhelmed the wifi. Maybe next time they can take one computer and take turns…)

Tonight we are having our first big cooking event in celebration of the arrival of “les vaisselle” –dishes, etc. We went this morning to the marche (there should be an accent on the “e,” but at times I can’t get my computer to think in French). This market is several blocks long and begins just at the corner of our street on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday mornings. We bought beautiful vegetables to make a huge couscous tonight …with a watermelon for dessert!

BULLETIN: My box of books and CD’s has finally arrived!


Polly said...

Hi looks like you are all enjoying your trip! The apartments sounds great too. What more can you ask for except for them to finish them up fast.
Have fun and enjoy as you work.
Aunt Polly (Christine's Aunt)

Jeff Dwyer said...

Hello FPC(U?)! Glad to see that you've all arrived and are beginning to explore the city. Have a great time, enjoy the dance, and take care of my mom!